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Seeking Births!

I need to add to my portfolio for Wichita. I’d like to get a birth from each of the locations here. So, if you are planning a birth soon, contact me now. I am offering 50% off for the first contact I receive from each of the locations listed:

Wesley Birth Care Center
Wesley Medical Center Birth Rooms
Via Christi on St. Theresa
Via Christi on Harry
Newton Medical Center

If this is you and you are interested in having your birth photographed, let me know soon!

Birth Dads

Earlier this week, posted their annual best of the year contest. As I was browsing through them, I was struck by something. I adore new dads. The way they love their wives; the way they look upon their new baby with awe on their faces. In fact, the expression of awe is nearly universal. It then occurred to me that many of my own favorite images are of new dads. So, I decided to grab some of my favorites and post them all together. These new dads just melt my heart.

daddy-3 IMG_0027 IMG_1098 IMG_1369 IMG_1385 IMG_9509 IMG_9510 kiptyn_bath dads4

Breast Feeding {Wichita Birth Photographer}

This is not actual birth photography, but something closely related. A few years ago, I gathered a bunch of my friends together and created a Breast Feeding calendar. It was so much fun. Here are the images from that calendar.

SRP-Edit SRP_4354 SRP_4333 SRP_4282 SRP_4241 SRP_4131 SRP_3266 IMG_5141 IMG_4765 IMG_4709 IMG_4531 IMG_4465 IMG_4411


If you are interested in having your own nursing relationship with your nursling captured, contact me now. This is one of my most favorite relationships to shoot.

Welcome! {Wichita, KS Birth Photographer}

So glad you’ve stopped by! I’ve recently moved to Wichita from Illinois and I’m bringing my birth photography with me! Take some time to check out the Birth Stories I have posted. Have tissues handy….especially if you’re pregnant. If you have any questions or comment, please let me know! Comment here or send me an email. You can give me a call¬†or even send a text if you like. I’m a modern gal, after all!