The Photography

Photos are one of the most treasured possessions of most people. When disaster happens, its photos people want to save; its a recovered photo album that will garner the most tears of joy after a disaster. These moments matter. These are physical manifestations of our lives. They are concrete proof of what has come before. We photograph what we feel are the most important moments in life. There are the annual school photos to record how you grew up. Then, probably the first big professional session was your senior photos. What a blast those were! What fun (embarrassment?) we have looking back at those at our 10 year reunion. When we get married, we hire a professional to capture all the special moments of the big day. What’s the next stage in your life? The birth of your baby. This is, truly, one of the most important days of your life. This day will change you forever. This is the day you become a mom or a dad. This day is worth having those physical manifestations of every detail that happened. Just as you wouldn’t ask your groom to take pictures of you coming down the aisle, why would you ask your husband to take himself out of the moment of meeting his new baby to grab the camera and take some, likely, shaky, out of focus shots (because, let’s admit, this is a pretty emotional moment) of this momentous day? Hiring someone to do this job, so your family can be in the moment with you and your baby is an investment well worth making.

Here is a great article written by another birth photographer that is worth the read.

10 Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer