The Photographer

Hi! I’m Stacey, professed birth junkie. I’ve been involved with birth, I guess technically, for 21 years since that’s when I had my first birth. I started participating on the other end of it in 1997 when I got my first position as a labor & delivery RN. I have worked continuously with birth in this capacity ever since. However, as I was having my 7th baby, I realized I wanted a photographer to capture my moments. This was in 2006, and birth photography was pretty new then, as far as I could tell. Finding a photographer proved impossible. I understand why. It’s a commitment. It’s being on call, and dropping one’s own life when that call comes, “I’m in labor!” In the year after that birth, I purchased my own camera. I started learning photography, and decided that if I wanted my birth photographed, others might as well. So I studied, learned, studied and learned some more.

As a birth worker, I am uniquely qualified to photograph your birth. I have been witness to thousands of births in the last 17 years. I am able to anticipate the moments you will want captured. I know what your care providers are doing, when to get out of the way, and when it’s safe to get in there for the shot. I know the routine like no other photographer ever can.

I have a love for birth and all it means to each and every mom. I want to show you how beautiful you are in these moments, as you are doing one of the most important things you will ever do. I want to show you the love your partner has for you as he does his best to support and love you through the work you are doing. I want to capture the way your face looks when you first see your new son or daughter. I want to be sure you have a record of all the moments that will blur and fade as time goes by.

Your baby’s birth is important. It’s the start of all he or she will become. Important moments deserved to be recorded and treasure for decades to come.